If your range is in a location that makes it difficult to install the ducting necessary to vent the steam and odor saturated air to the outside, you may need a re-circulating range hood. While recirculating range hoods come in many styles, most are metal. In some cases this metal can stick out of your new kitchen cabinet style like a sore thumb giving it a cold steel look rather than the warm inviting look you were trying to implement.

Kitchen Bath and Beyond designers created this Innovative solution to the cold steel appearance of a recirculating range hood. It is a custom maple wood recirculating range hood. The air is drawn through a charcoal filter that removes cooking odors and pollutants to prevent them from spreading throughout the home. The clean air is then recirculated back into the kitchen through vents located at the bottom of the cabinet. This creative solution was recently implemented during a kitchen remodeling project for a Tampa family. They wanted to preserve their kitchen cabinet style across the range hood and eliminate that cold steel look.

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